Thank You Bernard!

July 20, 2020

Since its foundation back in 2009, Bernard Korbman OAM has been the philosophical and spiritual driving force behind the Australian Society of Polish Jews & Their Descendants. It was his ideal and motivation that inspired the rebirth of a Polish-Jewish organisation after what had been a hiatus of more than twenty-five years.

For the past eleven years, Bernard has served the ASPJ as its Founding President, President, Co-President, Vice-President and Board member. However, he has felt that now was the right time for him to step down and allow others to take the reins.

Through these positions, he has constantly sought to bring the Jewish and Polish communities, both in Australia and in Poland, closer together and to understand and appreciate the histories and legacies which we have in common. He has undertaken to make himself available to continue to provide us with his wise counsel and advice.

In acknowledging Bernard’s major contribution to our organisation, ASPJ President Ezra May said that Bernard’s contribution in establishing, building and leading the ASPJ and his impact on Polish-Jewish relations in Australia and internationally would be formally recognised at an appropriate time – when the current pandemic restrictions are lifted and will make such an event possible.