Jewish Łódż Today

A webinar with four Łódż community activists


Jews began settling in Łódż in the 18th century.

At the outbreak of World War Two, the city had a population of 665,000 of whom 233,000 were Jews – approximately 34%. When, on 19th January 1945, the Soviet Army entered Łódż, they liberated only about eight hundred Jews.

Today, Łódż has a small but active community which, together with others, works to preserve the city’s Jewish history and culture.

In this webminar, ASPJ President, Ezra May, is in conversation with:

  • Joanna Podolska, Marek Edelman Dialogue Centre, Łódż
  • Kasia Jeleń, Guardians of Memory Association, Lódż
  • Dawid Gurfinkiel, HaKoach, Łódż

The ASPJ thanks all those whose hard work and effort made this, COVID-enforced, online event so successful.

We sincerely thank our three guests from Łódż, Joanna, Kasia and Dawid, for agreeing to come together and share with us, online, what is happening in Jewish Łódż today.