Relevant Writings

In this section of our website, we publish relevant research and academic papers which we believe will be of interest to our Members.
Papers will be listed here alphabetically by author. Wherever possible, permission from the author is always sought prior to publication here.
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Aleksiun, Dr. Natalia: Polish Historiography of the Holocaust – Between Silence and Public Debate (2004)

Aleksiun, Dr. Natalia: Survivor Testimonies and Historical Objectivity – Polish Historiography Since Neighbours

Blacker, Dr. Uilleam: The Return of the Jew in Polish Culture (2015)

Cała, Dr. hab. Alina: Denying the Holocaust in Poland

Dreifuss, Prof. Dr. Havi: Changing Perspectives on Polish–Jewish Relations During the Holocaust (2012)

Grabowski, Prof. Dr. Jan: Rewriting the History of Polish-Jewish Relations From a Nationalist Perspective – the Recent Publications of the Institute of National Remembrance (2008)

Hackmann, Prof. Dr. Jörg: Defending the “Good Name” of the Polish Nation – the Politics of History as a Battlefield in Poland, 2015-2018 (2018)

Kapralski, Prof. Sławomir: Battlefields of Memory – Landscape and Identity in Polish–Jewish Relations (2001)

Krajewski, Prof. Dr. hab. Stanisław: History of Polish Jews, Postwar Years, from 1944 to the Present (2014)

Krajewski, Prof. Dr. hab. Stanisław: “The Jewish Problem” as a Polish Problem (2005)

Lehrer, Dr. Erica & Meng, Dr. Michael: Jewish Space in Contemporary Poland (2015)

Mędykowski, Dr. Witold: Modes of Survival, Techniques of Hiding and Relations With the Local Population: The Polish Case (2017)

Michlic, Dr. Joanna & Polonsky, Professor Antony: Catholicism and the Jews in Post-Communist Poland (2005)

Naraniecki, Dr. Alexander: Polish-Jewish relations in Australia: the Social Consequences of Historical Misrecognition (2011)

Orla-Bukowska, Dr. Annamaria: Re-Presenting the Shoah in Poland and Poland in the Shoah (2003)

Rajcher, Andrew: Post-War Emigration and Identity – the Australian Experience (2009)

Rice, Dr Monika: Envisioning Poles – Polish-Jewish Relations at the Beginning of the German Occupation (2018)

Shpolberg, Masha: The 1968 Forced Exodus of Polish Jewry on Film (2018)

Steffen, Dr. Katrin: Disputed Memories – Jewish Past, Polish Remembrance (2008)

Stola, Prof. Dariusz: Polish Debates on the Holocaust from the 1940s to the Present (2024)

Stola, Prof. Dariusz: Anti-Zionism as a Multi-Purpose Policy Instrument: the Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland, 1967–1968

Stola, Prof. Dariusz: Jewish Emigration From Communist Poland: the Decline of Polish Jewry in the Aftermath of the Holocaust

Stola, Prof. Dariusz: Scholars and Coming to Terms With the Holocaust in Poland (2021)

Stola, Prof. Dariusz: There Is a Polish-Jewish History Beyond the Holocaust (2021)

Tokarska-Bakir, Prof. Dr. hab. Joanna: The Unrighteous Righteous and the Righteous Unrighteous (2010)

Wojcik, Dr Adrian & Bilewicz, Dr Michal: Beyong Ethnicity – the Role of Coming From a Mixed-Origin Family for Jewish Identity. A Polish Case. (2014)

Zimmerman, Prof. Dr. Joshua D.: The Polish Underground Home Army (AK) and the Jews: What Postwar Jewish Testimonies and Wartime Documents Reveal (2019)