ASPJ President in Conversation with JCC Kraków Executive Director

December 17, 2020

On Thursday 17th December, our ASPJ President, Ezra May, featured in an online conversation with Executive Director of the Jewish Community Centre in Kraków, Jonathan Ornstein.

Ornstein has spent almost two decades in Poland, especially Kraków, striving to help revive Poland’s re-emerging Jewish community.

With the COVID-19 pandemic having hit Poland fairly severely, Jonathan has taken to conducting regular ZOOM events – this one, in conversation with Ezra, whom he met during one of Ezra’s visits to Poland.

In this discussion, Jonathan, who has visited Australia in the past, and Ezra talk not only about the history and composition of Australia’s Jewish community – and the role that the ASPJ plays within it, but they also delve into the Polish-Jewish roots of our ASPJ  President himself.

Ezra appears 12 minutes into the video. Enjoy!