The Changing Landscape of Polish-Jewish Dialogue – an Evening with Andrzej Folwarczny

November 29, 2015

Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Museum & Research Centre

The subject of Polish-Jewish relations and dialogue in contemporary Poland drew over 150 people from Melbourne’s Polish and Jewish communities to hear Andrzej Folwarczny, founder and CEO of Poland’s Forum For Dialogue.

Andrzej’s address, the videos which he showed and the discussion which followed, featuring well-known Melbourne journalist Michael Gawenda, told the story of his organisation’s amazing work, particularly with Polish young people.

As well as combatting antisemitism and racial vilification, Andrzej spoke of how his organsation is encouraging young Poles, whether in cities, towns or villages, to uncover and discover their location’s Jewish history and heritage.

During his address, Andrzej stated how pleased he was to see many familiar faces in the audience, people who had visited his offices in Warsaw and who supported the vital work he and his organisation are doing in today’s Poland.

Photographs courtesy Andrew Rajcher, Izi Marmur & Adam Warzel