Dr George Łuk-Kozika OAM Retires as Honorary Consul-General in Victoria

September 1, 2020

On 27th September 2020, after twenty five years of service, Dr George (Jerzy) Łuk-Kozika OAM steps down from his role as Honorary Consul-General of the Republic of Poland in Victoria.

During those many years of promoting Polish industry, science and culture, George worked hard to promote Polish-Australian relations in general and also took an active role in supporting Polish-Jewish relations, as evidenced by the fact that, in 2011, he was the first recipient of the ASPJ’s Henryk Sławik Award.

Since our organisation’s rebirth in 2009, George has always been supportive of our objectives and has always made himself available to us.

In the Summer 2018 issue of the ASPJ’s magazine “Haynt”, our Past President, Bernard Korbman OAM, wrote the following tribute to George:

When speaking to the Polish Honourary Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Dr George Luk-Kozika, one is transported back to an era long gone, where manners, courtesy, wit and charm prevailed.

George has served the Australian Polish community as well as a number of Polish governments and their ambassadors with a great deal of dignity and diplomatic skill, so much so that five years ago [2013] the Polish Government raised George’s status from Melbourne Honorary Consul for the Republic of Poland, to that of Consul General, one of only three Honorary Consuls General in the world.

The foundation upon which George’s worldview and moral and ethical beliefs, as well as day-to-day practices, are formed lies in his strongly held belief in God and the Roman Catholic Church.

For George, religion is a unifying force and its teachings and doctrines are meant to be inclusive rather than exclusive and the path to peace and harmony is through God’s love for us all rather than the false labels placed by those in power trying to divide and conquer us for their own gains. As we are all created in God’s image we should celebrate the fellowship and consanguinity of our creation. This firmly held belief has led George to playing a prominent leadership role in the process of rapprochement and bridge-building between the Polish and Jewish communities.

George has been active in promoting and participating in educational programs and events whose aims are to dispel long-held myths and stereotyping maintained by members of both communities. His quiet demeanor, his excellent listening skills and his intellectual acuity make him an outstanding mediator for reconciling opposite points of view.

In between running a most successful dental practice and lovingly fulfilling family obligations and interests, George’s time and commitment to his community duties seem boundless. He makes himself available to individuals and organisations seeking his advice or help.

George’s greatest asset however is the highly talented, discerning and proficient Mrs. Denise Luk-Kozica. With her erudite and cultured disposition, Denise has charmed and impressed all who have had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting her.

We of the Australian Society of Polish Jews and Their Descendants thank them both for their tireless efforts in combating prejudice in any form it may manifest itself and for being a bridge between our two communities.

Again, we sincerely thank George and Denise for all the support, both practical and moral, which they have given our organisation and our community over the years. We wish them good health and happiness into the future and look forward to continuing our relationship with them – perhaps in a less formal setting.