2012 “Henryk Sławik Award” Presentation

November 13, 2012

The Henryk Sławik Award is presented in honour of the spirit of the life and deeds of Henryk Sławik, (saving over thirty thousand lives in occupied Hungary, five thousand of those being Jews). The ASPJ’s Board of Management of the ASPJ has decided to honour individuals who, or organisations which, have worked towards enhancing mutual respect and understanding between the Polish and Jewish communities.

The 2012 recipients of the Award were Lucyna Artymiuk and Krystyna Duszniak – both of Melbourne.

Lucyna Artymiuk was presented with her Award by the President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, Nina Bassat, while Krystyna Duszniak was presented with her Award by Chairman of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Chin Tan.

Speaking about their long involvement in the betterment of Polish-Jewish relations, Associate Professor Mark Bakerspoke about Krystyna Duszniak, while ASPJ Treasurer, Andrew Rajcher, spoke about Lucyna Artymiuk.

The ceremony was attended by members of both the Polish and Jewish communities.

Lucyna Artymiuk
Krystyna Duszniak